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SlowGlobe Travel was conceived as the antithesis of the tour company that buses large groups of tourists from hotel to hotel and attempts to cram a lifetime of sightseeing into one week. We travel in small groups (8 - 12). We prefer to stay in apartments and villas. And we stay in one place for a minimum of 7 days. We do our share of sightseeing, but we don't neglect the rest of the locale. We have established partnerships with local hosts who are experts in their regions because they live there. We develop itineraries that combine a traveller's particular interests with the corresponding features of the region: Be it culinary arts with excursions to artisinal pasta and mozzarella makers in Italy; cyclists with rides along the same routes followed by the Tour de France; history buffs with personal, guided tours of Pompeii; or wine afficionados with visits to local vineyards. We even cater to those who simply wish to relax in a villa overlooking the ocean and have gourmet meals prepared especially for their tastes - with wine pairings, of course. With the help of our local partners, we try to insinuate our guests into the local culture. To experience, firsthand, the aimless satisfaction of a 3-hour lunch; the exilaration of a 50 MPH descent down Mont Ventoux on a bicycle; the fresh, clean taste of mozzarella cheese just pulled from its form; or the wonder of the Pantheon's dome in the middle of downtown Rome.

SlowGlobe trips are not for everybody. They are for those of us who wish to slow down and smell the flowers.